2008 yfz 450 stalling problem


I have a 2008 yfz 450, I bought it from the dealer with 20 hours on it in 2009. When I got it I had a hmf silencer put on it and they had a hard time getting it jetted right. There is no air box lid on the atv and when we go riding, if i gas on it to wheelie over a log it will stall out and die, it also turns the pipe red hot if I am cruising down a dirt road not at full throttle but 1/4 to 1/2 throttle? anybody have any suggestions? Thanks I would really like your input. :ride:

Clarification...it doesn't die if you gas it on level ground, but if you wheelie it does? If so, I would suggest that your carburator overflow tube is perhaps clogged, and /or your float is adjusted a little to high.

The hot pipe suggests that you may be running lean.

No it stalls when you are running at a lower rpm and give it gas, it doesn't matter if it's level ground or not.

Try getting it rejetted. Does it do this even after getting the motor warmed up?

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