Honda CRF450R -04 for ice.

I drove last winter My 250 on ice with standart suspension and now I want more from my bike.

I bought a old "bigblock" 450 for driving only on ice.

The goal is to make the bike as good as it can be as a reasonable amount of money.

At the moment if have removed from the frame everything what needs to be rebuilt or serviced.

Bike needs:

Suspension lowering and re-shimming for icetrack.

New rims and tyres for ice and highspeed driving.

Engine rebuilt for full throttle driving, crank,valves, piston etc...

Here is some info:

Here is some video what this thing is all about:

This video gives you some feeling of the speed on fully loaded bikes and grip of the tires on ice:

Youtube is full of related videos about iceroadracing if your interested about the sport.

I´ll post more to this tread as the project continues.

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Nice track and great wheelies!

thats was freakin sweet!

looks like tons of fun!

nice wheelies.

Today I torned the engine open.

Piston was looking that it was ready to be changed, one gear had a missing tooth, no other signs of damage or eccessive wear.

The plan is to install new crank, piston and valves to engine.

Here is some pictures, sorry about the bad quality, My Nokia covered with oil...




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Some update:


The frame has been cleaned from dirt.


Forks have been serviced and lowered 55mm.

The forksprings are now rated for 4.1k and the shimstack is same as a 250R stock stack in on -04.



Front and rear rims are new Exel black with new spokes, wheel bearings and seals are also new.

Next step is to change the steering bearing and service/lower the rear shock.

Damn im longing for the winter when i see the pics on your webpage. Ice racing is so much fun!

Okay, the bike is ready to ride.

There is some pictures:





Next step is to go riding and adjust the suspension.

Carb jetting is also one thing that needs to see how it runs, idle is 50 and main 175

I have only one problem at the moment, there is no ice on Finland at the moment, winter is a little late...:bonk:

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