Tricked out 98 RM250 price

Hey guys... Going to sell my 98 RM 250. In the process of stripping down and cleaning and polishing EVERYTHING. It's got a beat up FMF full system, Aftermarket clutch, HUGE clarke desert tank, Scotts steering stabilizer, MX tech rebuilt forks for my weight (170), and fairly tall gearing (15/51). 1 ride on the front tire and a brand new rear, never ridden on. Fresh recharged rear shock, new filter and plug. Also going to replace the water pump seal soon. The thing eats up desert and nasty trails like the cookie monster. Main problems are it's hard to find neutral, the forks are kinda worn out, and the expansion chamber has been crushed by a rock, cut out and beat into shape, and welded back on.

Whew... I'm long-winded. Anyone know of a good asking price? Minimum to take?

Also it's all-blacked out, which helps on the visual appeal.

ask 1200....take 800-1000 depending on condition.

I agree with victory, you may be able to get 1000 out of it if you spend the time cleaning it as your describing granted you have a little luck. IDK if Id expect any more.

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