Frame motor mount cracked and need help!!

I have a 08 kx250f and my lower left frame mount for motor has a crack. It's right where the bolt goes threw and is only half of the way cracked. I was wondering if it can be fixed or should I get a new frame!?!? I am hoping I can just get it fixed and not have to buy a frame. If someone can throw me some advice on what to do id very much so appreciate it.

I'll post a picture later since I don't know how from my phone.

Thanks nick

get that picture posed up....but if its only a crack and its not the whole way through you should be able to get it welded.


here you can see the crank its closer to the right. hope you can see it in the picture

oh yeah that is definitely fixable. Do you know how to weld..? If not any welder should be able to help you out.

I know someone that can weld real well. So they can just weld and then sand it down so the bolt sits flat?

you could try that.....but it would probably be better to cut the whole mounting tab off and weld on a new tab.

I have a 06 kx250f frame. Could I just use a mount off that or should I get a fab shop to make me something up?

I wouldn't cut the whole tab off:bonk:

That is aluminum right? Should be a quick and easy job for any professional.

probably best to pull the motor, so both sides can be inspected and welded.

That is weldable but you'll have to pull the motor to have it welded.

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