My 1994 CR250R

A little background.

Got this bike about 2 years ago or so. $500.

Life happened, new baby and a move from San Jose to Folsom. Bike has pretty much just sat. I think I've had 2 or 3 rides on it while at our family ranch.

That brings me to today. Finally got my bike and my son's 50 up to Folsom from the Bay Area.

I drained the tank, went thru the carb (it finally idles), new plug, fresh premix and she's back!

I spent about an hour today with Simple Green and Zep Orange degreaser, a little armor all, and this is what she looks like.

I am excited to finally ride somewhere other than our ranch. We now live 5 minutes from Prairie City/Hangtown. Should be fun to get out on some trails with my kiddo as well.

I am a beginner by any measure (my first real bike), so if anything in my pics stands out to you guys as a red flag/maint issue, please let me know.

Also, I know its popular for people to put 95/96 shrounds on the earlier bikes. Can you tell me if I have the correct 94s or the 95/96s.

I am going to order all new plastic as soon as the wallet will allow. Thinks about going back to red, but not sure if I go Flo Red, or the newer,darker red.

I cannot express how HELPFUL the board has been to me while trying to figure all this out. You people are great.
















One last thing, does this sticker mean anything to anyone? I treid to Google it, but came up empty


Looks great. Personally, I'd get some wider pegs, but that's me...

Zep orange degreaser rules!

Looks great. Who makes that seat cover? Love it. :ride:

Bike looks good. but you definitely need to replace or at least limber up that chain really well...I see some kinks.

Have fun while you are young.

Bike looks good. but you definitely need to replace or at least limber up that chain really well...I see some kinks.

Have fun while you are young.

Yeah, I was thinking new chain/sprockets in the next few weeks.

And remove that rear caliper guard. The only thing it will do is overheat the fluid by blocking cooling air to the caliper. Do it. Now!

Looks great. Nice job!

That bike, or it's forks at least, was used in the 1997 AMA National Hare Scrambles championships.

Very tidy bike indeed

Awesome bike. I like the old steelies. Better soak that chain in gas to clean it up. I went on ebay and found some used fastways footpegs from a yz and put them on my '95 and they are awesome. Nice job on your bike. I just started riding with my son last year, he was 8 and i was 39. Good fun, glad i did it. Now i have 2 cr's. I don't know who has more fun, my son or me!

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