Clutch gasket

Thought I would ask this. So a few weeks ago I changed my kick shaft. At the same time I ordered a new gasket. It showed up and it was paper. The one that was on it was a thin metal one that was coated with done sort of material, much like some car head gaskets? Is that oem? I tore the paper one and put the metal one back on. Leak free. I would however like to replace it at some point. Where can I get a new one?

There all paper now. Just be careful with it when pulling the cover off and it will be OK. Order a spare while your at it.

Yeah but the paper one sucks. Can't you get one out if actual gasket material?

You can make one if you really want- just make sure its the right thickness.

For what it's worth I got an aluminum clutch gasket in the 'clutch cover pack' that was recently drop shipped to me from Trials Parts USA.

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