1976 Kawasaki KM100 Aftermarket exhausts??

Do they exist? I have a 1976 Kawasaki KM100 - almost the same bike as a KD100 or KE100. I believe all the exhausts are the same. Does anyone know where I can get an aftermarket exhaust for this old bike? She sounds deep and throaty right now because its missing the baffle and I would like to get a proper exhaust. Thanks guys :ride:

not sure but the first bike i ever owned that i payed for was a km 100....i paid 500.00 for it in 1990.

That's a stock exhaust, not aftermarket. I've read there was an aftermarket exhaust available long ago but good luck finding one. Let me know if you do...

I think he just needs something to quiet the bike down, he's missing the baffle. I'm assuming when he said "aftermarket" he meant a part he can just go and buy.

got an pipe for a ke100 expansion chamber type could be a hooker,will work on a pic.

Okay cool. Yeah, I am looking at selling the bike, its geared way to high for trails, I believe its a 28 or 32 tooth on the rear, hits about 20-25 in first gear. It is an enduro build more for street though. I picked up a 1985 DS80 yesterday that should do better in the trails. Love the bike, but it literally ways 305 pounds on a full tank of gas, which is about the same as a Yamaha Blaster ATV if I'm not mistaking. I do kinda want it to quite down before I sell it, unless the future owner is into scaring the neighbors. The bike is more bark than bite, not too much torque and a smooth powerband but the thing sounds deeper than my dads YZ250 without the baffle!

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