Going from progressive to straight rate

Hi i want to try the suspension of a exc250 03 with a straight rate spring which came with a progressive spring from the factory.....do i need to change the valving also to work properly or it will work as is??

Also does anyone have the shim stack of the 03 shock?


hey sorry dont have the stack but i think you might need to chage the valving to get the SR spring to work properly, and something else why dont you get the shock just revalved why do you want to go to a sr spring they work awesome once set up right ive heard

If the pr spring is the right one stick with it and revalve the shock .Race Tech do a Gold Valve conversion and with there neadle you will have the best pds shock you can get .

so you think it can work as good as S/R, what sag? rider static do you use with this spring?

mx tech use a lot of progressive rate springs and they say they recomend 110mm race sag 40-45mm static sag on every ktm pds system my friend who rides a 250sx was riding it around for a bout 20 hours and i was like what sag u running on the back end he didnt have a clue so i checked it was at 105 race sag so i set it at 110mm and changed the fork height and it made the biggest diffrence

alright will give it a try, before making up my mind!!:ride:

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