Need some springs.

I remember reading that SM fork springs are unique to that model so Im trying to figure out where I can get some quality ones. Im 210 in street clothes, moderately aggressive riding, pavement only, but I do hit little jumps and trasitions where I can find them. I also want to get a rear shock spring at the same time so I want to get them both from the same place. I emailed Eddie at SSW a week ago for a recommendation and price but I never heard back. I want to say that the spring company started with a C. Any help? Thanks

Cannon Racecraft

sorry,the only email ive gotten lately for sm suspension is from a UK customer.

Cannon Racecraft is the only supplier. i am a dealer.

Thanks Eddie. Im working offshore so I cant call but I'll try emailing you again. If I dont hear back I'll just call when I get back on land. All Im needing for now is front and rear springs for a 210lbs street rider. The spring calculators seem to vary on the recommendation from one supplier to the next so if you could set me up with the correct rates I would appreciate it. I could skip the email if you want to PM me the rates and price with shipping to 70518. Thanks for your time.

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