Question about TIre Problems

So i bought a 97 XR 650L recently. Im about to go for my license on June 7th.

I took it in the woods and apparently hit something a little too hard with the front tire, because the tire on one side, siits lower into the rim than where the bead would sit, in other words when i ride the low spot makes it feel like im hitting a bump, because the tire is too far into the rim.

We tried deflating and filling it up but it seems the tire is set on not expanding again to its proper position. Any help? or is it time to buy a new one

Is the rim bent? In any case, you will need to deflate the tube, break the beads loose, lube the beads and reinflate to reseat the beads.

As Creeky said, lube is the key. Soap, WD40 or anything like that work well. And it may take 40 psi to seat the bead, so don't stop when you reach your normal riding pressure. Inflate to seat the bead then deflate down to your normal pressure.

Alight I'll have to try that. The rim isnt bent, which im very happy about

don't forget to loosen the rim lock

If you have a rubber mallet, it can help. After you inflate it, hit the side of the tire where it will not seat. Do not hit the rim. As you strike the tire, move the mallet away from the center of the rim toward the tread. Don't be afraid to wail on the tire. It takes a lot of hits sometimes.

Hmm alright so i tried lubing it up, but it didnt want to go. the rim lock i did nothing with, wasnt aware of it, but ill try the rubber mallet thing too.

Hmm alright so i tried lubing it up, but it didnt want to go. the rim lock i did nothing with, wasnt aware of it, but ill try the rubber mallet thing too.

Here are some more detailed instructions.

1. Remove wheel and tire from bike tire, put on tire stand or another tire.

2. Air down to about 20psi or 15... not enough to de-bead the tire but enough to slacken the pressure from the tube.

3. lube the affected area heavily with tire lube.

4. Wail on the tire sidewall with a rubber mallet like there is no tomorrow!! Try to hit only the rubber with a down and outward stroke, pulling the rim into the bead. Adjust pressure as necessary.

Good luck.

awesome ill give this a shot next chance i get

I always inflate to 70-90 psi to set bead, then deflate to relax tube then inflate to 16 psi.

Just had front/rear tires off to balance the wheels this evening.

No lube. I do it dry.... guess i'm just hardcore like that. :ride:

Get one side of the tire in the rim. Stuff in the tube, thread the valve through. Spoon on the other side of the tire. Now the tire's on the rim, tube's in with just enough pressure in it to hold its shape. Bead isn't seated at all.

Fill the tire with some air. 2-3psi. Now bounce it around on the floor. Put some more air in, 6-8psi. Bounce it again. 12-15psi. Bounce. 20psi. Bounce. If both sides of the bead aren't seated yet, run it up to 25 or so.

Usually when I get it up to 15psi and bounce it around a bit, the bead's seated nicely and the tube isn't twisted/kinked/whatever. Run it up to 20 that I run on the street and mount the wheel on the bike, then put the tire gauge on the seat to remind me to check the pressures again in the morning to make sure I didn't put a small hole in the tube when I spooned it on.

But like I said... no lube; no problems.

Finally got it. INflated to about 50-60 PSI. Beat the piss out of it with a hammer and it slowly made its way back into the right position. No more uncomfortable bouncy. Nice and smooth 650 again :ride:

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