Honda TLR200 Reflex: Trials Conversion

I've been sitting on a really clean TLR200R Reflex for a number of years. I'm finally getting around to converting it to strict trials duty. I have a couple of questions.

1. The front fender bracket for the TLR200 Reflex appears to be riveted to the fender itself. When you buy a aftermarket front fender for the TLR200 from someone like B&J Racing, does it come with a bracket to mount the front fender or do you need to use the OEM bracket?

2. Can anyone who has the popular (seems like the only) aftermarket exhaust for the TLR confirm that it's quiet enough to use in a backyard?

3. What's a typical lightweight chain to replace the OEM chain?

4. Do I need the chain guard for low speed trials use?

5. Has anyone ever seen a billet aftermarket top clamp?

6. I assume that I want the "quick" throttle assembly given the desire to use the bike for trials. Is this a correct assumption?

I have a friend with a low mileage mint TLR200 and I keep telling him to not convert it to trials, or even ride it!!

6. I assume that I want the "quick" throttle assembly given the desire to use the bike for trials. Is this a correct assumption?

I'm a big fan of the little Honda air cooled 2 valve motors but IMO the TLR200 version is a bit anemic. Considering the size of the carb I think the slowest throttle available will be "quick" enough.:ride: All kidding aside I think riding a Trials bike is a lot of fun and it is certainly very good cross training to improve riding skills.

One other mod for the TLR is to reduce fork rake for quicker steering, check out Lewis Sport for info on vintage TLRs.

I had a 1700original mile mint TLR for a while. It was too nice to ride...but not worth enough $$ to not ride. Better off making a sweeeeet trials machine out of one I say! Looking forward to seeing your creation!

I've been working on my TLR for a while now to get it into trial/trail shape. Here's how I would answer your questions:

1. You'll need the stock fork brace to mount the fender after you remove rivets. has a nice replacement available.

2. I assume you're talking about the Delkevic exhaust, but I have no information about it other than it looks amazing and wish I had one. Only bummer is it doesn't have a spark arrestor.

3. The stock chain is a 96 link standard (non o-ring) chain. They can be had for $25.

4. I have removed my chain guard and have seen pictures of others doing the same.

5. Check Lewisport Trials for a triple clamp. I know one exists somewhere but don't know the cost.

6. I'm seeing that most of the trials throttles (Domino, others) are a slow opening throttle. It probably depends on what you'd like. I have a slow Domino on mine.

Good luck and keep us posted on your progress. I'm trying to do a restoration/modification of my TLR. It's going to have a basic light kit, etc. so I could potentially run it on the street. My goal is to meet the European spec/finish. If I ever finish it, I'll post pictures and a writeup of everything done/bolted onto it.

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