Tire pressure for upcoming race?

On sunday i am going to my first race and am wondering about tire pressure to run for this different terrain. I just got a new dunlop mx51 and never played witht he tire pressure, and will be running on clay mixed with a little sand and natural new england dirt at capeway rovers. I weight 200 and like to ride a little hard for pressure so wondering what would be the best for traction? thanks

I run between 12-14psi on that type soil.

yeah id say around 12-14 .

Usually 12 or 13 in the front with a 12 or 13 in the rear.

alright thanks i think ill do 15 in the front cuz i hate the feeling of the front being even to the back and the back ill do 13 or 14, and this will be alright with my weight?

if you want best traction, 15psi is too much. Stick with 12-14.

alright ill do 14 front and 13 back, i already have my suspension perfect for me as close as itll get

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