Anyone in Colorado carry Gaerne Boots in stock?


I am looking for a local dealer that carries Gaerne boots in stock. SG-10's to be exact. I need some new boots and want the Gaerne's. I would just order some but I am not sure on 13 or 14 size so thats out. Thanks

I know that Performance Cycle has the 10s and Sun does too.Neither would give me a good deal so I bought them on line for alot less.

I will take a look at those two. I have not been able to locate them in the springs.


Sun had limited sg10's, lots of sg12's in stock. I did not like the fit of the 12's so I bought sg10's online for about $100 less than what Sun wanted. I like to support local business, but when the difference is that much I can't pass up the deal.

Apex in the Springs carries them.

Thanks everyone. I found a pair in my size today.

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