help with electrical problem 1983 xl 600

I will make this quick. On my last long ride the bike started acting up when giving it throttle at high speeds. It would cruise around the back streets just fine at half throttle and even if i rolled the throttle slowly it would be fine but if i would crack it quickly it sputtered and chocked untill i let it off. The bike starts and idles great. I have posted this before and some have replied it was lean but i have taken to my local mechanic and he says carb is good and said it is eletrical but he does not know which componate because everything bench tests okay. I know stators are a problem with bike but it is a 200$ gamble. Bike has 30000 kms on it. I am also running premium gas . The bike does this weather i am a block away from house or 20 blocks also there seems to be no problems while just giving it throttle standing still but there seems to be a strong odor of unburt fuel. I hope someone has come across this before and has a solution because parts here in canda are hard to come by and on the pricey side. thanks

Sort of indicates a carb/blockage problem to me. You do realise the things don't really like ultra fast throttle turning..They are more of a roll on job..

Mechanic says it's fine ,,he's possibly just had enough of piddling with the carbs..

It could be electrical but there's really no way to tell exactly what electrically unless you swap known good working parts from another bike to yours,,otherwise you could spend a fortune on new stuff before finding it's not electrical..

May be a half pie held together Stator wire which is exhibiting its badness when the engine and stuffs shaking about a bit. Only way to check that is remove the Stator and do the eyeometer on the wires from the Stator itself to about 6 inches above wher they exit the case, You need to cut back a bit of the external plastic sheathing to check it properly,,That does not mean chopping the plastic back from over the actual wire..

I think it is carb related too but since i am new at this i don't like to argue with someone who fixes bike for a living and i know they like the softer roll instead of the punching of the throttle but this more than just a slight hesitation it is a shut down toss you over the bars hesitation.These bikes are very rare here so used parts are not readly available. I probably will buy a new stator since the bike is almost 30 and has higher kms and are known for giving out. This is the second shop i have took the bike too and the problem is still there.:ride::banghead:

Yep..Well I'm not saying it's the Stator for sure which is the problem,,just that it may be. I hate to see people waste money on my guessing of possible causes when that's all they are,,a guess..

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