Broken Collarbone - Comminuted Fracture

Hi everyone - I have been looking through the various collarbone threads and I can't find anything that resembles my fracture. The x-rays below are from today, I broke my collarbone at a race almost 7 weeks ago. Anyone experience a similar fracture? My doctor is telling me to wait it out and it should heal on it's own in 12 weeks. I was hoping to get some input from someone who has experienced a similar injury.

Thanks for your help!

that should have been fixed seven weeks ago.

I was hoping you wouldn't say that. Can this type of fracture heal on it's own in a timely manner or will I be like this and months? If I need to get this fixed I want to do it now and get on with my life. Thanks again.

Well, your all ready at seven weeks, how is it doing?

I actually don't feel too bad. I am very sore and stiff in the morning, but once I get moving it doesn't bother me much. I have almost full range of motion and my shoulder strength is returning. There was a point that I could feel the bones moving around and clicking, but that stopped several weeks ago. When I looked at my most recent x-rays I was shocked that it looked the same as it did when I first had my accident. I was hoping for some progress since I was feeling almost normal. I am concerned that I am going to wait 12 weeks, then be told I need surgery.

that won't suprise me.

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