Valve Question on a Rebuild..

Hi all,

First, the forums here rock, so much info, Thanks to all..

I am doing a rebuild on an 03 (bottom to top) OEM unless the cylinder is hosed, will wait to see cylinder first..

I will be putting in new valve springs and everything that does not meet up to specs and that the manual say's "New" etc. all new bearings etc. etc. (keeping the bike so total re-build) and taking my time etc. (again such great posts on this topic, Thanks Again!) done a few but always great to learn the easy way..

One post I read to get your valve adjustment before going into the bottom end, another where it say's after the crank / bearings etc. etc. have been replaced..

Question; after a re-build does anyone think that the valves should be set back to factory then shimmed after first or second oil change?

Or,, when should they be shimmed (Pre or Post Crankcase Rebuild Expedition)?

Many Thanks!

Check them often and shim them when they get too tight (out of specs). If you're going to replace everything then there is no need to check them before the rebuild. If you are doing the lower half and not planning to do the valvetrain then you should check it before tear down to make sure you don't have to do it. It would suck to do the rebuild, put it back together then realize you need to do the valvetrain..

Thanks, planning on replacing all parts that wear so planning on and e.g. valve train parts that will be on the first order to start with off the top of my head e.g. new springs and seals and of course a new Cam Chain etc. etc.

My thinking is check clearance Pre and Post build after thinking about it - see (and record) the difference and,,, pop the micrometer on the valve shims that are currently in the bike in addition to any shims (new or not) that I may be replacing in etc. etc.

Check them on 1st, 2nd and third break-in period / oil changes then back to every 20/30 hours (depending on how I have been riding her) and should be all set..

Good way to remember maintenance schedule (have Endurance Tech) but,,, buy oil by the case and stack up what ya want to use before checking the valves keeps a tab on where I am maintenance wise...

Anyhow, Thanks Again!!

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