Sold my DR-Z, what a bittersweet day...

Well I sold my 08 SM. I got another bike, Aprilia SXV 550. I gotta say I had a much harder time letting go of the old SM than I thought I would. It was a great bike. I was just looking to get something a little different. Well I sure did...Faster, lighter, quicker... and oh yeah, ridiculous maintenance schedule... Well until I own another DR-Z, be well and ride safe.


ttrrade you my drz

Don't run out of gas :ride:

Pics please

I almost bought that same bike but i didnt wanna deal with the maintenance...maybe some day ill get one but until then im gonna just keep rippin around on my DRZ

Yeah only about 50 miles per tank. It's definitely a wicked ride. I'll see if I can figure out how to post a pic of it.

i wanted one of them till i remembered i wana bike that will actually start when i need it to and one that goes up and down the street more than once before it needs a

i will have 2 sxv550's for sale directly after the conclusion of the 2011 pikes peak hill climb.

1 fully sorted race bike and 1 street bike. both 08's

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