KTM XCW 250 or 300?

Looking to buy a KTM 2 stroke for tight rocky singletrack riding. I live at high altitude and will be riding as high as 10,000-11,000 feet. A friend of mine has the 200. He loves how light it is but feels it is a but under powered at altitude. I am currently riding a 400 4 stroke and like the the low end torque but want a lighter bike with more of a hit.

I hear that the new 2011 250 motors have better low end torque than previous years and less vibration than a 300. I am 6' 3"190 pounds without gear.

While on topic, would you chose an XC or XCW for my type riding?

Which bike would you recommend?

xc and 250

Not that it matters a ton though since it's so easy to change it to a 300 or back to a 250.

I would go for the XCW 300 because you will get more low end power then the XC.

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