any cooler knee brace socks?

I'm burning up in my current gear, any suggestions for knee brace socks that are cooler than the asterisk ones?

Suggestions for other gear that helps in the hot humid weather?



I ot some cheap coolmax ones from rocky mountain atv, theyre the "house" brand, don't remember the name, tusk or whatever their brand is. It's the only pair I've ever had and I wear them under my 661 DJ knee pads soncant really compare how they be under braces but they are fine for my application.


Believe it or not....The TLD team guys wear long hot weather skins from Shock Doctor with light cycling socks. I tried this combo this past weekend (90+degrees) and was amazed at how well it works!

I wear MSR long knee brace socks, they are basically like a regular sock just at your foot and then panty hose the rest of the way up to mid thigh. They do a great job at wicking moisture away and have kept me cool enough to leave my knee braces on in 107* weather.|Msr%20Socks&WT.MC_ID=10010 I have several pairs so I don't have to wear crusty socks on day 2+ and the oldest pair is finally wearing out after 4 years so I feel they are well worth the money.

i use the evs knee socks, they are light and only cover the brace, they are not full socks

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