125 2-stroke starting

I bought my bike and from the day I bought it, it has been very easy to push the kick start down, like i mean i can push it down with my hand.

Is this normal for a 125 i have heard this but people say i don't have a lot of compression?

But the bike feels like it has a lot of power and the powerband hits very hard.

I am confused?

Thanks a lot.

ya i have a yz125 and it is very easy to kick

125s are extremely easy to start. But you should still do a compression test and rebuild it since it is maintenance.

If you can push it down with your pinky, than the compression is low. 125s are almost too easy to start, I actually blew out the right boot on two pairs of riding boots from kicking my 125 so much. I actually used to start my bike by hand in technical sections when i stalled it, it was easier than trying to get back on and kick it

Mine's really easy to kick but sometime whens its cold it doesnt want to start right away

well i cant start my brothers 80 with my hand, but the internal kickstarter gearing is probably different

yeah i was thinking the same exact thing as you haha. my 125 starts too easily. i probably could start it with my hand but it would be a little hard

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