Wheelies, water crossings, dubstep video

Just some highlights from my weekend ride, audio wasn't that high on the camera so I just put some dubstep on it.

haha awesome water crosses! not much of a fan of most dubstep but this is a good song..

what is it?

Cool video, what is the song called? :ride:

Theres actually two songs, I faded the first one out and brought the new one in halfway through or so.

The Living Graham Bond - Winter Hunter Bare Noize Remix


Tinie Tempah feat Ellie Goulding - Wonderman Bare Noize Remix

once again sweet video!

Pretty deep/long water crossing for a bike.

Look like a fun place to ride

Sweet vid! <3 Dubstep

Not usually my taste in music, but worked well with you edit! loved it

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