Xr600 wont idle

I pulled my carburettor apart to try to fix the problem of my accelerator getting stuck and going from no revs to half revs but when i pulled it apart and put it back on the bike the bike wont idle it will kick over and only keep running unless you give it heaps of revs anybody know how to make the bike idle and how to fix the sticky throttle problem

Accelerator getting stuck is either of these..

No gap between end of handlebar and end of throttle assembly.

No gap between grip and throttle housing.

Poorly routed cables.

Poorly lubed cables and throttle housing.

Air leak around intake manifold.

What years the thing and what sort of carbs it running..A CV or a normal slide type job.??

If it's a CV I have no idea..

Normal slide type strip the bowl off ..remove all jets and clean throughly with fine wire.

Get all passages on the carb body blown out with compressed air

the throttle works smoothly when the bike is not running

the throttle works smoothly when the bike is not running

Lovely,,but that means nothing..but could indicate=="Air Leak"" around the intake between carb and head. Get it semi running and spray the area with some engine start ether type stuff,,Change in idle/engine speed would indicate air leak..

How do i find an air leak

Come i need to get the bike going was running before and starts easly but wont idle with no accelorator

tryed adusting the idle screw and fuel screw but did not help

Come one some one out there has to now why my xr600 wont idle:mad:

gave the carb a good clean and put it pack on no difference its a 96 model

Horri already said it, it sounds alot like an air leak, meaning the boot that wraps around the carb is letting air in

2x check that the boot isnt folded over, or got a new crack in it, and that the circular clamp is on right.

But it could be almost anything, float level could be off, could be something wrong with the cables. Did you take the tank off? Sometimes the cables get pinched. Are the cables lubed? Are you using the choke?

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