YZ250 dunes bike

I'm looking at buying an 02 yz250 that has been ridden exclusively at the dunes for the past several years. The price is decent, looks like it's in pretty good shape. It's mostly all stock, but there's a little rust on the frame where the inside of your legs rub but other than that it looks ok.

My question: does riding at the dunes add extra wear and tear vs a bike that has been ridden mostly in the woods? Anything in particular I should look out for?

IMO sand riding is no harder on a bike than any other kind. The bikes stay clean and are fine mechanically if it's maintained and cleaned. The only parts sand is real hard on is chains and sprockets.

The dunes works the motor hard, but other than that and the chain and sprockets as mentioned it really doesn't hurt anything. The problem is that I have never seen a dunes only rider that knew anything about or even cared to do maintenance on their bikes. 2002's are a great bike, maybe ask the seller about his maintenance schedule and you will probably quickly get the feeling whether he actually did any or not.

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