motor turns but gets stuck half way ?

Bike only has 6 hrs on it blew a clutch replaced that shortly after that it seized.

It will turn over a full revolution but stops solid when the cylinder hits the top... what does that mean?

I am trying to avoid the shop since I spent all my money on the new bike... pretty sure the clutch was screwed up right from the factory... when we pulled it the bolts were pretty loose. I put a new one in and it ran fine for a bit... sounded like it misfired a bit and seized up. Pulled the clutch n it looks looks fine. The bike sucked in water and mud through the breather hose. Pulled the valve cover and it was dirt in there.

looks like the bolts on the cam shaft cover were loose to... one of the cam shafts and the cover were damaged. The bolts on the clutch and the cam shaft covers were supposed to be tightened to 7.2 ft lbs.

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