cutting up a helmet?

so i just got an old 74 ty 250 trials bike recently and i want to get a 3/4 open face helmet to paint to match the bike. i think it would be sweet! but i was wondering if i could take my old dirt bike helmet and cut the face shield off around the inner cheek foam so i got a little extra face protection and it would fit the same and i think would look cooler.

but my buddy was thinking if i cut that off the helmet, the helmet would loose its function of keeping my head safe if i fell backwards so to say. if i fell hard would the helmet be easier to break? i know im exposing my face but i dont want it to crack of break if i hit my head on a normal crash or if it falls off my handle bars.

either way im most likely going to cut it and paint it unless you guys tell me other wise. my buddy that works at a bike shop said a guy he sells parts to did it. he bought a new G max helmet and cut it up. but thats all he knows really.

thanks for the input

Just buy a ¾ helmet. If you alter a helmet in any way, including painting it, you will ruin it’s capability of protection. I know, I know, thousands of helmets are painted every year. But if you ask the manufacturers, they will tell you do not paint them. Same goes for making a full face into a ¾. It will look like crap, and be about as useless as wearing a baseball cap.

thats probably the worst idea ever. cutting a full face helmet into a 3/4 helmet....really?!?! just go out buy one

Never cut up a helmet ever, no matter what the intentions are. Do so at your own risk though, and you have a very high risk for severe head injury (perhaps sucking food through a tube). Buy a helmet that suits what you want.

If your on a budget you can find 3/4 helmet probably new on craigslist foR dirt cheap. I wouldn't hack a full face helmet up.

I smacked the face protection on my old fox v3 on my bars once casing a triple and broke off the visor and cracked the front section all the way up the right side... It will make the modification easier for you if your willing to risk brain damage and a broken jaw lol I do have to give props to fox as the helmet did its job and i rode the rest of the day on a buddies backup, but I would vote no on hacking a full face. Painting however I feel won't affect the structural integrity depending on how it is prepped, scotch bright or high grit wet sanding by hand= ok, a DA and a careless prepper= bad. good luck regardless.

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