Brand new bike sounds like crap

So i sold the 84 XL600 and upgraded to a brand new '09 XR650L straight from the showroom. I am getting LOTS of popping when slowing the bike via downshifting and also when i pull the throttle and release. The engine also bogs down if i pop the throttle just a bit fast. I've read about how the bike could be running lean and need to be desmogged and all that BUT I've also read stories that there should not be any popping like what i am experiencing.

As this bike is only 2 days old and under warranty, I do not want to start ripping parts off of it and tuning the carb. The question that I cant find a straight answer to is are these bikes supposed to pop like this? My XL600 did not pop AT ALL, ever....

I bet its leaner / drier than a popcorn fart in the desert. That being said I would definitely voice the concern to the dealer and avoid any major changes while under warranty.

Congrats on the new bike and I am sure it can be tuned to run better.

take it to the dealership they might adjust the pilot needle for free. hell with enough complaining you might get them to pull the bowl and put in richer pilot and main jets, which is most likely your problem. After all an excessive lean situation which these bike are borderline on can eventually do damage.

The XR650L come from the factory really lean to meet federal emissions standards which is causing the popping sound you hear. You could pull the carb and put some larger jets in it to help. If you want to keep your warranty i wouldn't do any thing else other than rejet and i think that is still a grey area.

Yeah same advise here. Mine was a couple weeks old when I ripped off the smog, put a on a slip on, and rejetted. Made a small difference in power but ran much smoother.

If you want to check yourself, just pull the plug and look at it. I'm betting it will be on the whiter side of light tan, showing its running lean.

Bought my 2007 xr650l with 5k miles. Did the smog block off FMF Q4 Exhaust and Uni Filter. Bought a jet kit for carb but seems to be running great without rejet. Do I leave it be or but a 160/165 main jet in?

Since it's 2 days old I wouldn't mess with her take it back and get dealership to sort it, not down to you to resolve a brand new bikes problems if they are half decent it would be the least they could do for buying a new bike from them.

Could never buy a new bike for off-roading such a shame to get them scuffed etc.

Thanks for all the responses guys. It looks like my best bet would be to bring it back to the dealer, funny thing is they test rode it and filled the tank and all that before even let me ride it to make sure everything was ok. I hope they dont try to bs me and say that sound is normal.

just jet it yourself. the stealership will never know

You'll probably never get it to where you like it if your coming from a 84 XL600 because like mentioned above the new XR650L's vacuum carb have to meet the emission standards. You can try re-jetting the original carb to get rid of most of the popping but swapping the carb for a pumper carb is the only way to get the throttle response back that your 84 XL600 had.

How long is the warranty on a new XR650L ?

Comes with a one year warranty. ...ugh, this thread is turning into the same threads posted in the past about this, ie. conflicting information. As stated above, i do NOT want to mess with anything that will void my warranty and I honestly don't think I should. What I need is a straight answer about whether or not these bikes are SUPPOSED to sound like complete garbage when down-shifting and releasing the throttle. It's actually very loud and unnerving when im down-shifting and its pop pop popping constantly. I do not think I would want to commute on it in this condition because i use down-shifting a lot to slow down and the popping in unbearable, not to mention embarrassing.

no its not normal to have very loud decel popping and it can certainly be jetted out. Adjusting the pilot circuit either with the screw and/or changing the pilot jet will minimizes. Try opening the choke slightly during your downshifting to see if it helps. If its better than you'll know its a lean condition thats causing the popping (which is what I suspect). Other things can also cause popping, like a leak in your exhaust and faulty air cutoff valve on the carb.

I'd be for checking that plug yourself.You may have an exhaust leak or something more severe than just normal de-tuned popping.I have a feeling that your dealer will give you the "Thats normal for this bike"explanation.All that will do is irritate you more and give ya a bad taste for a very well built dual sport.I have had mine now for 2 months and have already rejetted.I'm going baby steps with mine,157 main and 2 turns out on the pilot.Next week I'm going to pick up a bigger main and pilot and give that a try.Since my first mod,I've noticed less decel pop and more roll on response.This is with the baffle pulled.You think your bike is loud-..........LOL.Don't lose the faith in your BRP.Personalize it.

jimrick is right in that the dealership will likely just tell you to piss of its normal. With that said going up 1 or 2 sizes on the jets is not going to hurt anything, if theres something wrong with the bike, and you have to take it to the dealership for warranty service, just swap the stock jets back in before you take it over. Plain and simple. If your dealership is extremely cool or maybe knows you on a first name basis etc. take it to them and see if they will swap jets. Either way that were you got to start.

Took it to the dealership and the guy who took it for a test ride of course said that it was normal for this bike. He suggested I pull the smog pump and rejet. I told him I didnt want to void my warranty by pulling the pump, he said it wouldnt. Is there a point in rejetting if i dont want to mess with the exhaust?

He suggested I pull the smog pump and rejet. Is there a point in rejetting if i dont want to mess with the exhaust?

Yes there is, this is the answer to your original question and why everyone is suggesting to do so. At least at the bare minumum remove the smog pump (to start)and then maybe after you see how it improves go up one size on the pilot jet and I think you will definitely notice the improvements. If you are going to do it though, might as well do all the proper mods which have been discussed over and over and over on here. aka dave's mods

just jet it yourself. the stealership will never know

What he said.:ride: If they can't tell when it's running bad how are they going to tell if it's running good.:lol:

I figured he'd tell you this was normal for the bike. I think it is from all the tales here and on 4-strokes.

I bought my 2007 xrl with 300 miles on it. Very shortly there after, I did Dave's mods to the carb, desmogged, and put in a Uni air filter. Didn't bother with an exhaust as I want stealth.

Only once in a blue moon do I hear a pop on decel.

It's some work and fiddling...not the sort of thing you may want to do on a new vehicle...but on the other hand, you'll get to learn the bike mechanicals a little bit.

Otherwise, adjust what you can with the screws for it a year... and then do the mods.

Just do the Dave's mods and add a Q2 or similar muffler - it will run and sound great. I did mine with only 4 miles on it and I'm GLAD I did. If you're worried about your warranty, leave the stock muffler on as well as the smog stuff until the warranty is up:thumbsup:

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