Newbie KX 250 Upgrade Ideas

Newbie here -- landed a 2006 KX-250 recently, and have been having a blast with my 8 year old on his little PW-80 running farm fields and trails.

Bike has a FMF pipe from original owner. I put on new tires, chain and sprocket, but what mods / upgrades should be next?

It has plenty of power for me so most of my ideas would be to add to the longevity of the bike and maybe add just a bit more power.

Also, I'm that guy, like things clean and shiny -- any recommendations for keeping the bike clean, shiny and free of grease? Any tips for power washing so I don't unintentionally fubar the engine or electronics?

Iowa and Nebraska folks, I will do my best to contribute to W2R.

Thanks all, looking forward to responses.

I would buy a twin air or no toil plastic filter cover. So when you go to wash you can put that cover on and wash without the seat and pressure wash out the airbox. Best investment I've ever made, because like you I like my bikes to be clean. No more nasty air box. I've found that after pressure washing, coating engine area and pipe with wd-40 and then blowing it dry with compressed air makes it look really good, and prevents staining and rusting of the pipe. Buy some grip tape to put on the frame rails where your boots go so it doesnt look all haggard from worn paint. As far as pressure washing goes, just use your head. Dont blast it directly into electrical connections, its kind of brainless.


A lot of people use laundry detergent to wash their bikes with good results, I use motowash just because I was given a gallon. Motowash, then detergent, then Simple green, in that order with motowash being the better of the 3, detergent second, and simple green third. They all do a pretty good job.

suspension. Get your forks/shock revalved and resprung for your weight and riding style and you'll never look back. Its probably the best thing you can do for these bikes, makes the most use out of all that power.

im still working out the kinks in mine! heres to hoping on finding a killer deal for KXF forks someday :ride:

if it was me i always buy guards first,frame,skid,radiator,brake ect.....then i mess with the suspension.i look at it this way if you dont protect youre investment than you whont have it running to can still ride with crap suspension but you cant ride with a whole in youre case or a rad that doesnt hold water ect...dont get me wrong haveing good suspension is a good thing too.


Thanks for all of the help.

A bit of follow up por favor.

How necessary is it to protect and go after market or improved OEM on the clutch cover and right side engine cover (opposite the clutch cover)?

The factory clutch cover on the left side is weird -- almost plastic like.

The right side engine cover a bit more robust.

But, I am not sure it makes sense to drop $90 to $110 per side.

Front disc cover arrived, not installed -- install kit on back order.

Batting 0 - 1 on the skid plate -- first try did not fit, 2nd try on order.

Thanks again!

I think you're getting RH and LH confused? In a bike it's done like in a car. When you're sitting on it. Throttle is on the RH, clutch is on the LH. So the cover I think you are asking about is the stator cover. I see no reason to upgrade either the clutch or stator cover, but lots of people do just for bling.

Aftermarket clutch covers suck. No sight glass.

+1 to what DMM said about the plastic intake cover. I clean mine out about every other filter change. I like to use Somple Green about 50/50. I hose the bike down, then hit it with the SG in a spray bottle and use an array of brushes to clean around the engine and hubs. I'm super anal about clean hubs. :ride: Then I rinse it off once more. You should lube the chain when you're done cleaning. Doesn't hurt to go over your spokes every so often and re-grease your brake pedal pivot and kicker pivots.

What sprockets are you running? The biggest improvement on those bikes (IMO) is installing some taller gearing. 14/51 or 13/48, something like that. We just went over a bunch of stuff for the 05-07 250's, check back a coupla pages.

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