CRF150RB - I'm big, will I fit?

Will I fit on a crf150rb that has a taller seat, wider pegs, and BBR linkage kit (+1.5 inches)? I'm a little over 5'8", and I'm 155 lbs. I sat on the 150 at our local dealership and it felt a little small... but I imagine a slightly higher seat height and longer peg to seat distance will fix all my quirks with the bike. Our local tracks and trail riding association have quite large big wheel classes... bigger than the small wheel classes, which tempts me to ride big wheel.

After riding my friend's full BBR crf100, there's no way I'll be getting a 2t as my next bike. My dad refuses to let me on a 250 because of an injury that someone close to him received recently, so I'll be waiting till I'm 16 to pilot a 250.

To clarify: I'm a firm believer in two strokes. If you aren't mixin' gas, you ain't goin' fast. It's just that at the moment, the conditions call for the better handling, less energy consuming four stroke. I'll miss the ease of maintenance that my cr85r had.

I'm 5-8 and 195, and I fit.

Of course, I look like a short, fat ol' man on it...but I have fun!

You can also get handlebar risers that will bring the bars up an inch or more. That will help your seated and standing position to feel less cramped.

I buy $19.95 bar risers (+1.2 inches) for all my bikes to make standing position more comfortable for longer periods.

Yes, but you will be a little cramped. If you read this forum a lot you will see that a lot of us old guys are using these bikes to chase our kids around. I'm 6'0, 200 lbs. and I ride a 150rb with stiffer springs and bar risers.

I'm 5' 9" and about 145 lbs. Just bought a 2008. Put risers, tall bars, and lowered footpegs. Feels normal for me, even standing on the pegs. Trying to get used to the quick turning radius. Much easier to manuver than a 250 in the tight stuff, and lighter to pick up after a fall. Bike really goes. No problem with the power. I can run in 3rd gear on trails without having to shift too often.:thumbsup:

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