Water in crank case

I just rebuilt a 2006 kx450 and when I start it there is water in the crank case. I figured it was the head gasket so I bought a new head gasket and rebuilt it again and the same problem. Im thinking the head is warped from when It blew up before but is there anything i should check first???

water pump seal?

I dont know why i didnt think of that first. This bike has been sitting around for 5 years the seal probably dried out and is ruined. Thanks for the help Im going to go try it and Ill let you know..

K just an update but when I dump water in the radiator it goes straight through into the case. Its not pump seal so any other ideas would be fantastic.

Wow, that sucks. I think you might have had the idea right the first time, or possibly a crack in the head. Good luck with it. I just got mine back together after motor problems and I'm kind of afraid to start it now! I couldn't bear having to go through it all again:bonk:

Another update. I found out the problem it was a cracked head.

Also thanks for everybody helping out. This is the first time Ive been posting on the forum and everyone has been very helpful with all my stupid questions. THANKS to everybody that responded

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