Ktm 2 stroke with lights

I have a 2006 ktm 300xc that I want to put lights on. Can anyone tell me if the stator on this bike will Support lights?

I tried searching and came up with nothing so any help would be awesome!!!

This is the kind of question for KTMtalk.com They even have a "electrical" forum.

Yes you should already have a lighting coil on that bike.Will need to get correct harness up to light and tail light if you will be using one.Look in Bike bandits parts for that year you will see exactly what you need.

Enduro engineering makes a plug and play kit of OEM parts.It's a little pricey, but takes away the guessing game of what you'll need.

Call Diego at Baja Designs, he set me up with my 300 lights-cost was minimal and the light is fine. He made the light from my old xr650 work on the 300.

You have the 2k3 ignition which is more than enough to run standard lighting. If I remember correctly it's almost 100 watts. I have the same ignition on my GasGas and run a 55 watt halogen headlight, tail lights and turn signals with no problem.

You didn't say if you wanted off road or DOT lights. For the best in off road, check out the xeon light kits at Baja Designs. They use about 1/3 the power as halogen. I have a 2006 300xc-w I put 1 50w, 1 35w, & 1 20w MR16 halogens on & they don't cut it if you want to go faster than 2nd gear. I don't think the factory was sure what ignition they were going to put in the xc & xc-w when they first came out. My manual states they both have the Kokusan 2K-2, which puts out 40w. Mine has the 2K-3 which is 110w. Seeing as the xc was intended for racing, you may have the 2K-2. However, I think you can send your stator to Baja & they will rewind it for you.

I believe they changed to the 2k2 in 2008. If I remember correctly the '06 and '07 were 2k3 while the earlier MXC which it replaced may have had either.

Whichever you may have somebody at ktmtalk will trade.

I have an 06 XCW but used the EE kit on mine.. It was ~$250 and had everything including a wiring harness and regulator..

Yes you have a lighting coil stock, ad a regulator and you can run a light.

Pretty sure the XC's only had 2k2 stators whereas the xcws had 2k3 stators that produce nearly triple the amount of watts of the 2k2s.

That explains alot.

Zilla, how many watts does the ee put out?

Luz, love the signature!

According to the microfiche the 2006 300XC comes w/a 2k3 stator.

My 2006 250XC has a 2k2 (40W peak) and can handle an Orion halogen (35W) light from Cyclopes Motorsports (same as Trail Tech). Not good enough to ride at night, but good enough for enduros.

My bike did not come w/a regulator. According to microfiche your 300 doesn't have a regulator. I tapped into the hot (yellow) wire and added in a 12V regulator. Cyclopes provided male & female connectors and just wired it in. Got a molex connector and did the same for the LED tail light from Sicass.

You better have a regulator. The stator puts out AC, unregulated it will pop the bulb. I have a lot of time working with KTM lighting but I need a little more detail on what you want to do for lighting, it makes a difference.



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