Need late night help, Barnett Basket & gear?

Hey guys I got my bike tore apart at work to install my new Barnett basket (right part # 321-35-01004) for my 07 crf450r, but the ring gear won't slide past there machined lip on there basket to sit flat against basket and rubbers?? Flipping the gear around is a little closer but not flat??

Any Ideas? I emailed Barnett, but being fri night probly no help.

I'm pretty sure they screwed up on there machining of my new and expensive basket. I'm real disappointed in Barnett right now!!!

Do NOT TAKE THIS AS GOSPEL as I dont have their INSTRUCTIONS in front of me but it MAY be possible that you are supposed to warm up one part in the oven at a certain temp and throw the other in to the freezer to help with an interference fit!

POST photos showing what is going on when posting something like this so it helps people figure out what is going on to help you out.


Don't have camera with me now. I have the starter gear pressed into place (using cold gear and heating up basket.

Now This is the easy part: place rubbers on basket and put outer ring gear in place. EXCEPT ring gear won't fit over the Barrnet basket centre and lay flat/flush to install backing plates and 8 screws.

I now have to pack up my taken apart bike and all its Parts (with Rekluse) and travel 80miles to get back home.... pissed off.

Let us know how you make out with Barnett. I have a new basket same part # as yours for my 06 and I too have that "machined lip" you are taking about. I have not installed it yet. See what Barnett says. It's like they did not complete the machining process.

Where is the "lip" you mentioned? Is it in the center of the basket? I put the ring gear on my basket today and it seemed to fit fine on my '07. I can take some measurements off of mine if it will help.


I tired to attach a picture. Hopefully this will work.

Thanks, I will post my findings.

Great pic MTgriz. Thats is were i'm having problems, my outer big gear will not fit over the centre of the Barnett to lay flush against the basket. You can see the small machined lip in your picture about 1/8" down from the washer. I tried to push it on with all my weight.... plus it needs to rotates freely to allow cusioning!

Thanks Guys, I Really need to contact Barnett.

Oh ya ,get new rubbers, mine were in 2 peices.

Thanks for the measurment offer MTgriz!! but your assembled now and they would be tought to get!

Bfair, I will get some measurment for YOU, I can measure my factory centre vs the Barnett (which is larger!!!!). Then you can confirm yours is the same size as factory.

cushons in 2 pieces will work just fine.. the small little tabs that hold the 2 halves together just make it faster/easier to install. Make sure you put the thick half on the drive side..but it is pretty hard to mess up. New are better, just don't think it's a must to replace if the tabs break on em.

to the OP, without pics it isn't easy to figure out what you mean, but it almost sounds like you have 1-gear upside down 2-wrong basket so check part numbers ?

Quick update for some actual measurements:

Stock basket centre shoulder dia= 55.94mm

Barnett basket centre shoulder dia= 56.05mm

Gear inside dia= 55.95mm

Real simple, my large outter gear will not fit on Barnetts basket.

Contacted Barnetts via email (there difficult to call) and sounds like I have to send it back to them.... which means a Full Month of bike tore apart (im in Canada). So I'm going to machine shop in am (on my new EXPENSIVE basket). Ill try and post pictures

Maybe this info/measurements can help others.

or just get your money back and get a Hinson..

or just get your money back and get a Hinson..


Unless you have a contact at a machine shop, expect a large charge!


PS. Arent you guys supposed to work on your bikes in the winter and ride in the summer?

Sorry for the delay, but heres a Update and picture to possibly help others:

I ended up having the Basket machined down (1/2 hour =$60). Emailed Barnetts picures/invoice and the machine shop contact info for a third party opion, NOPE can't help you, you have to send it back (AND WAIT with your bike tore apart).

Yep, I know why all serious racers use HINSON. Plus if you think about it, if Barnett's SS inserts are so good, why did they come out with a "second generation" insert? Wait for there 3rd generation to come out and get a Hinson till then. haaaaa


You can see were the machine shop had to turn down the centre hub so my gear would fit. They didn't have to take off much, but that gear WOULD NOT fit. Yes it was the correct part # for my 2007 crf450r.

Thanks Guys, happy trails!!

This is a perfect example of why I prefer OEM parts. They always fit properly.

This is a perfect example of why I prefer OEM parts. They always fit properly.

+1.. same here nearly all the time, but i did have good luck with a Hinson basket, and even an Ebay purchased $149+free shipping Magnum clutch basket.

This is a perfect example of why I prefer OEM parts. They always fit properly.

Ya, but you have to admit the fact that the Barrnett part will last forever (now that it fits)

If the OEM basket had the stainless inserts it'd never wear out either.

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