Wiring help. Switching from AC lights to DC/ Aussie spec

Does anyone have the supplement handy for the Aussie lights add ons? I've just got the stator back from Ricky Stator and was wondering if anyone has done the conversion from AC powered lights to DC? I was thinking to just rewire the lot but i've got no supplement for the Aussie light setup.




I dont know about the aussie bikes, but the american bikes have an extra DC output plug underneath the tank in the wiring loom near the front of the valve cover. It is wrapped up in tape. All you need to do is connect your headlight to this plug and it will be running on 12vdc and it will be switched by the main relay. You can add a handlebar switch if you want to be able to turn the light off while the bike is running.

Thanks John, would you happen to have a photo of this plug?


Thanks John i'll see if i can hook up to that.

Has anyone else hooked up a road legal kit and has any advice if it's a DC conversion?

is the stock Kawi regulator/rectifier up to the full load of all lights & charging battery? - not likely?

this is why Kawi runs the light on ac - not through the dc rectifier

you may have to upgrade the reg/rectifier to a beefier one like Baja designs uses

which is very similar to the one for a Ski-Doo snowmachine

I am wondering about this conversion as I don't want to get into a rewound stator but

would like to try a HID bulb conversion as they only draw 35w but throw a lot of light

they will only work on dc .

any one have any thoughts on a HID on stock stator?

The light needs to receive the power via the battery, however you decide to make that happen. Make sure you are using the R/R we included with the rewind otherwise it wont work. An HID on the KLX will require a stator upgrade. Any draw off the battery in the stock form will run the battery dead.

Thanks for the info. Is there any need to rewire the brake lights, indicators and horn to run off the dc circuit? The Aussie model has a hi/lo switch for the headlight and i'd like to run it all through that if possible. I'm getting the run around from the dealer in regards to finding a wiring diagram and have been told i'm nuts for upgrading the stator because it will do nothing:bonk:

The dealer needs to stick to selling motorcycles. No reason you shouldnt be able to run the switch with DC. If you can operate the horn and indicators with out the motor running there already DC.

Just wanted to say thanks to the guys at Ricky Stator. Your customer service from the other side of the globe is tops :ride:

I wonder if the LED lights are up to snuff for our bikes

I really can't justify rewinding a stator for the amount of night rides

I am running a cheap 18-LED bulb...does not project anything at all...only good for being seen by oncoming bikes...but there is almost no draw on the system...i think it draws like 3V or something close to that as opposed to the 35 of a stock bulb. LED no good for night riding...unless you find a better bulb that draws more voltage and projects better.

I wonder if the LED lights are up to snuff for our bikes

I really can't justify rewinding a stator for the amount of night rides

I dont night ride at all. The thing that made me rewind the stator was the fact of dead batteries (i've been through 3). At $100 a battery i can justify a rewind :ride:

Im running a 35 watt PIAA HID conversion and its pretty bright compared to anything else I could find at that power level. It runs on DC off the main relay. So how do I keep my battery charged while running a DC headlight with stock stator?? Here is my plan and I'll let you know how it works out.

I bought a generic 12v reg/rec from trail-tech and connected the AC input to the stock KLX headlight plug (AC output from stator). The DC output of the reg/rec is connected to the battery. So basically my AC headlight circuit is now being rectified to DC and charging my battery instead of doing nothing.

I havent actually tried it yet but I dont see why it wouldnt work? Most of the stock stator's output potential is in the headlight side of the charging coil. I will report back after I finish wiring it up and test it. Hope that helps!

I think that there is only one lighting coil on the klx450

the output goes to the headlight direct AC and to the regulator both

the regulator limits the AC voltage to 14V - to protect bulbs from blowing

the other half of the regulator (rectifier) converts AC to DC for charging battery etc.

if you turn of headlight (i installed a hi/low/off switch) then the full power goes to battery

I have never had a dead battery ( only run light on the roads)

the up side of your plan is that it takes the load off the stock regulator as it won't handle a

full DC system - not heavy duty enough


Tried my idea above and the DC output of the 2nd reg/rec did not have enough voltage output to be of any use. The stock reg/rec is half-wave, so Im going to try replacing it with the trail tech full-wave and see what kind of voltage I get. Just playing around here mostly.

I think the best bet (by far) is to just get the stator rewound by RickyStator or equivalent and use a good full wave rectifier

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