Hold Down Points on Trailer

just picked up a harbor fright trailer but it doesn't have the optional tie down brackets that extends out from the front sides of the trailer/frame.

does anyone know ideally how far apart the two hold down points should be for the front? This is to load two bikes.

as it sits, one eye bolt that is being used as hold down point extends right out of the front side of frame about couple of inches, and does not give the tie down much of an angle.

would this be an issue?

you can make it work. tie from each corner to each bike. then connect the bikes solid between them. put a strap between the handlebars of each bike to pull them towards eaqch other. put a 2x4 or pc of 2-3" pvc pipe between the bikes to push them apart. then you should be good.

your strongest points will be:

left front trailer to right bike (left handlebar)

right front trailer to left bike (right handlebar)

then if you have the bikes tied solid to each other, you should be fine.

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