CRF150R/RB or CRF250R

Hello everyone,

I am 14, 5"2'.

Currently i have a crf150f and being a 11hp bike the power is quite boring. All my friends are on 250f's and one is buying a yz125 this week.

Im just concerned that going from a 150f with only about 6 months riding experience to a 250r that i probably wouldn't be able to touch on. The other option is a 150R which seem that would fit me but should i get a 150rb or just the small wheel R model?

I had my mind set on a duel exhaust 250r but i dont think it would be much point getting one if its nearly impossible to start and i cant throw around when jumping.

My idea is to get a used 150r/rb for my birthday on the 21/06 then sell it before christmas and get a 250r so its a smaller gap going from 11hp to 36hp, as well as me being tall enough to fit it.

Just on a side note would the 150r have a higher top speed than my 150f?

Thanks, All helpful comments appreciated :lol::ride::lol:

a 150f does about 55 and a 150r does about 65. the 150r is much faster

well the 250 will be very big im a little taller then you 5'4 and i can barely touch the ground and it is so heavy and my friends 150r is pretty small so i couldnt decide i went with a 125 much lighter just the powerband is different.

Still if u deciding between the 4T go with the 250 you still probably wont have to much fun on the 150 not much bigger then the 150f

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