2010 KX250f motor stalling problem.

Hey guys,

I have a 2010 kx250f that was fully rebuild just weeks ago. New JE piston installed, vavles are within spec. New pro circuit t-4r pipe. The bike runs great for 2 laps on my outdoor track, then it must be getting to the same temperature, and the bike comes into corners like you are holding the kill switch. Once you come to a stop, ill try kicking it. You can tell their is no spark what so ever. Once the motor cools down to a certain point it fires right up running great. I seem to think it could be the pick up on the stator, but I am not 100% sure. Thats why i am asking you people of Thumper Talk.

Thank you for reading, also looking forward to riding more then 2 laps at a time :ride:

No idea's ??

loose conection??

If an admin moved one of the two threads here, it was because it was posted where it did not belong. Cross posting, ie, make the same thread in multple locations is not allowed.

Doing so makes work for us. I have to move the posts, merge the posts, go though and delete duplicate posts and the nonsense. Do not do it again.

I had one doing something similiar and it was a blown head gasket.


Did you check for spark when its hot? It sounds like your too lean

i have the xact same bike it turned or my tps rattled loose and the bike would not start

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