Shift lever position

I can't figure out the best position for it. I have smaller feet (size 8) so I had the lever cut and welded to shorten it about 5/8". I have it set parallel with the foot peg right now but I still feel like I have to sit down to up shift. If its one notch lower, It feels to hard to upshift when I'm sitting. Maybe I just haven't gotten use to it yet, where do you guys have yours set at?

I have mine just slightly above the foot peg

same 5

I have small feet too. Mens6 and had mine adjusted. Moved it up far enuf that its more comfortable shifting standing up. Hard to describe the position but moved it forward.

i have mine set so the bottom side of the shifter lines up with the top of the foot peg, so my shifter is ever so slgihtly above the footpeg, works for me

All of mine are just slightly above the peg, but I'm size Fred Flinstone.

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