Tool Tube mount for DR

I made up a few of these tool tube brackets and would like to know if there was enough interest from other DR owners to make more. I could also make them for other models if it was practical.

They are laser cut stainless steel. Formed to fit the tool tube, and drilled to fit the stock tool box mount.

I cut the mounts off a Tool tube and it mounts right up.

I am thinking of packaging them two ways. The bracket alone for 39.00 You supply a tool tube. Or,

Bracket and tool tube with mounts removed and dressed for 49.00

plus shipping.

Any input would be appreaciated. Thanks. Link for photo.

Mine didnt hold up mounted like that...broke the frame tab off after a few rides. Granted, they were some pretty rough rides.

I will be putting mine back on the same way, only I plan to weld the tab on better. There was only 2 spot welds holding it on.

Just sayin...

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