Anybody moto their WR450?

I've ridden an '01 WR426 on MX tracks and was pretty surprised how good it was (albeit a bit heavy). How does the 450 compare to the 426 on the track? Also, has anyone ridden both the WR450 and '03 Honda CRF450 to compare? I own the CRF and LOVE it on the track but I might be willing to compromise with WR if it's pretty good.

And no, I don't want to put lights on my CRF or get a YZ.

I have a WR450 and ride it on motocross tracks frequently. It does feel a little heavy compared to other motocross bikes but other than that it does just fine. New springs are a must though.

I also motocross the WR450 on occasion and have had decent success in the Vet. class. I bought the bike for it's versatility. I am rarely able to get out of third gear in motocross on the local tracks, so the five speed is overkill in that application but what the extra cogs allow on open trails makes it shine. The YZ450 is a bit more limited with its 4 speed tranny during trail rides than the WR450 is with it's extra poundage in motocross, in my opinion. I agree that setting the bike's suspension up for your weight and riding level is a must. It is rare that a person would need more power from the motors that are being produced nowadays. Getting the stock suspension sorted is what will produce dramatic results in the bike's ability on a MX track.

I have reduced some weight by removing the kickstarter (unneeded with the electric starting and proper jetting). I have plans to get an aftermarket front number plate and rear fender to keep the WR's lights from getting damaged and dropping unneeded additional weight for MX. Always remove the kickstand if you are going to be doing alot of jumping. It can cause a ugly spill if it inadvertantly gets extended during a ride.

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