Diagnosis Please

Hey experts, I have a 2010 that has started to develop a issue yesterday. Intermittently on hard acceleration the bike would pull like normal for a little bit then suddenly drop off, as if I were holding the kill switch. It was very violent nearly putting me over the bars. When I let off everything went back to normal, the bike would idle and rev up fine. But when I would accelerate hard again it would fall on its face again. This was started happening suddenly after a full day at the track, the bike was operating fine until this. I checked for loose connectors and wires and didn't see anything unusual. Anyone know what this could be? What should I be looking for?


Sounds like a fuel filter.

This is how they act when the fuel pump is on its way out

Sounds like a fuel filter.

My thoughts as well. Buy the new fuel filter kit and see if it helps.

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