Ft/fs 1986 xt 600 nj

I bought this bike 6 months ago did some work on it but no longer have the time to finish it. I have replaced the fork seals, the battery, rear brake pads. The tires are brand new and the wheels are in great shape. I cleaned the carbs and the bike runs but needs some fine tuning. There is a small oil leak, the source of which I have not found yet (no time). I would rather see someone who loves these bikes get it and do not want to part it out if I can help it. I also replaced the front and rear sprockets. I haven't started the bike in a while but have kept the battery charged. I have a clean title and can email pics on request. I have no time with family, work and getting back into cycling. I would be interested in trading for a good European bicycle road frame or complete bike or a good quality fixie. I will also accept any reasonable cash offer. I am 6ft tall as a reference for any bike/frame you may have. Thanks

If this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move to the appropriate place on the forum.

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how much?


If this doesn't sell in the next day or two I will break it and sell the parts. I hate to do this but I need to get rid of it. Thanks

Before you do that: post it on craigslist. I buy a lot of stuff off of there. Anything needed to make it work? What I'm asking is how much more to make it road ready? I have a associate that may be interested. You can PM me with details if you like, along with where in NJ you are. I have a few too many bikes myself, but perhaps can get yours sold for you.

can you send me some pics, interested in bike

pm me an email address and I will get the pics to you. Thanks Tom

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