Too late to be the first down the Baja Peninsula on a TXC511

BMW BAre (17).jpg

LR at the finish of the NORRA Mexican 1000.

LR back in the Husky house!!

Good, we can talk about it now.:ride:

It will be interesting to see what mileage he got cruising?

Good, we can talk about it now.:ride:

What... Did he team with IronDude?

Very cool. :ride:

more info needed.... what team? links to finish stats, pics, etc?

The NORRA Baja race is a "sort of" race for race vehicles from 1992'ish and older. It is a 3 day staged event race. The idea is for a good time as you make your way down the Baja en route to the finish in La Paz.

LR was kinda like the grand marshal of the event. His entry was purely ceremonial and he was not entered in any official class per say. He was the first vehicle off the start line and rode the course every day, like the other competitors. He had just signed with Husky (PR deal, same as he had with Kawi, or very similar) and was riding a TXC511. Again, I don't know all the ins and outs of his deal with Husky, nor do I care, its none of my business. I just know that he's back on Husky and that should be great PR for all of us Husky riders, prospective new Husky riders. LR is currently employed to race a Trophy Truck for Terrible Herbst Racing in SCORE and other select events.

With that said, LR still rides a 2 wheeler every chance he gets. I have the pleasure of riding with LR from time to time in our local riding area and let me tell you, he has made me a 150% better rider. Nothing like riding one on one with an off road legend, in a riding area all to ourselves most of the time...Anywho, LR said he is getting a 310 after the Baja 500, so hopefully I can post up some of his thoughts on the new stuff as we ride over the summer (With his permission of course)...


Take Care, Mitch

Oh, almost forgot to throw Robertaccio under the bus. He's another one of the crew who hammers down on the LR rides!!!!

Good times, hurry back from the other side Rob, we need to hit some trail...

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