1999 Beta Techna

Can you still get parts for a 1999 Beta Techna. I have a chance to buy one really cheap in great condition. I am an avid trail rider currently have a CRF250X. Saw the beta at a yard sale on my way home from work. Is it worth looking into can buy for $1,000. It looks like new but has a broken kick starter.

I thought it might be a fun bike but know little about Beta's. Is there a good dealer in the nothwest?

Thanks for any information or suggestions.

Gary, if you dont buy it let me know quickly before it gets away. I am in the lower part of WA on i5 looking for a later model trials bike. That would seem like a fair price. Probably worth about $1750 in good shape so it has the price lowered to cover the repair. Beta seems to be well supported and their are a lot of Techno's out there.

Lol here is my buddy that just Finished a 200 mile enduro on his!! First day was 107 miles in the woods, this pic was the second day. Started at 2000 feet up mauna kea volcano to 10000 feet and back down. That little battle tank smoked fools. :ride: he also picked his up for a grand. 5b85e972.jpg


Gary, did you buy it?

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