After-market gas caps?

I know some people out there must have after-market gas caps. They look cool and the stock may have issues or break.

So if you are using one.....what brand and where do you get it?

My gas cap has a crack in and a new one from Honda costs more than an after-market cap.

Thanks! :ride:

In general, aluminum gas cap on plastic threads is a bad idea. saying that, I have a bbr cap. I know tusk racing makes them as well as duvol. I have had more issues with the aftermarket caps. They do look nice though.


I had a tusk. I will also say that is was VERY easy to cross-thread. I have not got one for my IMS and won't.

I have a BBR and sometimes it is really hard to it get off. I swear it tightens itself. I have the brand new stocker that I could send you cheap.

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