battery troubles

I rode the DR to work one day this week,when I got home I shut the fuel off like I always do(seems to start easier if I do this)and let the bike die.In my hurry to get inside for a frosty beverage I forgot to turn the key off.went out 3 days later and dead battery.I just started charging it today hooked up the charger and turned on the key I have lights on as long as the charger is on but when I unplug the charger nother no lights at all.This was only after about 5 minutes on the charger do you guys think I fried a brand new battery.The local suzuki shop has a zero return policy on electrical parts.

Leave it on the charger longer, if your battery is a decent one it is unlikely leaving the key on killed it being it is fairly new.

disconnect the terminals on the battery and charge it. Probably take at least a few hours to charge up. (more like 6-8hrs) then try it. Hopefully it's not fried, that would really suck. And if it turns out to be fried, you might try to talk with the dealership and explain the situation. Sometimes dealers will take a hit on things like this to keep your business, and keep up their good rep.

left the charger on and it appears to be fine.

That is a pretty unusual shut down procedure you have! A battery tender is a needed investment, plug it in every night.

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