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some pics of my drc tail light + polisport rear fender

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i just installed the tail light today. ive had it for a few weeks. my colleague brought it for me from the states along with the polisport fender, a new black airbox plus mud guard, clutch cable, assortment of screws, and some other stuff. i installed it all but couldnt get myself to drill into the fender to install the tail light till today, it just seemed so wrong! but i think ill be okay...

im still waiting for my black side panels. i discovered an italian website that sells them, 42 euros for a pair. but shipping to outside europe costs 50 euros!! thankfully my friend's parents were in italy and ill have them within a month...

ill be in california next month, plan to pick up some new tires!!!

after getting it washed:



in front of mi casa:



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That's a good looking XR. I wonder why the Japanese model has a metal tank.

Some DOTs require metal tank for safety.


Hey I realize this is an old thread, but does your tail light have a 3 prong connection?  I just bought a new wiring harness from japan and it only has a connection with two wires.  

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