water pump problem:(

so ive read many posts about water pumps on here but havnt had any that really awnsered my question. so here i am:)

i have a wr 400f 1998

my weep hole is leaking so i am assuming i need to replace some seals.

so what ive read is

1st remove your head pipe

2nd remove your kick starter

which i dont understand cause none of that is in the way.

so instead i just took my waterpump cover off and am now looking at the impellar. put it in gear and i went to the right, applied some torque (not a lot) until it gave, now it just spins both directions and idk what to do. im scared i broke something and did something wrong. what do you guys think? or am i just missing a step?

il also add that i went riding and at the top of the mountain i noticed that it was leaking, checked the level and it was low. not empty tho. it was also a lil white coming out the overflow. after i saw that it was a coast to the bottom to keep it cool. got to the bottom and still was running so i dont think there was any damage done.

im really hoping to get the bike running again soon:)

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as i keep looking and reading could it be that i need to take the crank case off? thats what im looking at to get to the other side of the shaft, damn well now this has turned into a project lol. And i believe that i must of snapped the shaft.

Yeah I think you broke the shaft. It's a regular right hand thread, righty tighty lefty loosey.

You'll have to pull the cover off now, but chances are you'd have done that anyhow since the shafts are prone to grooving. Fortunately the shaft has a hex on it so you can grab it with a wrench. Chance to change the oil seal and bearing too.

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