The Hot Set-Up for 05-07 KX250s

Get a PC pipe and silencer. I had an oring on my 07.

I can straighten your pipe.

I wouldn't say the forks are junk, I know a few tuners who think its real good stuff, good or better than the SSS when set up right. Totally agree the ICS springs are super stiff.

Once tuned by someone they are amazing, but in stock trim there junk. They were way to harsh, they pushed in corners and liked to deflect. They were way to hard on the hands and forearms.

What are you guys running for pipes on the 05-07s? I smashed my stocker on the mini trackover the weekend. Looking not to change the powerband too much. I had a DEP on my old YZ125 and it was awesome. Anyone got one on a KX250?


I kid, I kid. You did the triple first lol.


I kid, I kid. You did the triple first lol.

Lol I made up for the crash whipping it over the triple later :) :)

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