We lost a Brother

Adam Wagar, age 39 from Gaylord Mi has passed away. Heart attack. Young family, liked by all. Well respected in the community. Active member of TT, and loved his WR450. Life can be short.

I am in shock this morning. It has been my pleasure interacting with Adam via TT.

God speed Adam!

Very sorry to hear of Adam's passing. I remember his name from this forum. My sympathies go out to his family and friends, RIP. Chris Nicholls.

Today is a hard day. A woman here at work also lost her husband this morning at 7:30 am.

Live each day to the fullest, and take advantange of the opportunities that life presents.

My condolances to the families during this time of grief.

Brandon Whallon

Boy, I guess you just never know when your time will come. I hope the family will be well. I recently lost a close family member as well, and it has without a doubt been the hardest period of my life. I think it's important to remember that a passed love one would really want you to continue to enjoy your life and live it to the fullest. It would be safe to say that Adam would be most honored in the future to look down upon his family and friends doing well, and remembering him with happiness in their hearts.

Ride On, Adam!

You just never know...God speed Adam.

Sorry to hear that. I had chatted with him a few times. Was looking forward to ridding with him sometime.

My prayers go out to his family.

Adam and I had talked back and forth via e-mail, and talked of getting together to ride the "secret" trails in the wolverine area. I really regret never getting to meet Adam, and riding with him. :)

Just goes to show. Dont put off till tomorrow (ridding with Adam)what you should / can do today. You never know, tomorrow may never come.

So sorry to hear that. I wish all the best to his family in this difficult time.

I never met Adam. We exchanged some PM's about riding spots. We had a ride in his area planned this spring, some family issues and he couldn't make it. Rescheduled for this fall. The day he died he went for a morning ride. Sure wish he could of made the spring ride, we had a great time on his favorite trail.

Someone please tell his family that people all around world talked to him on this board and he'll be missed. My personal condolences to his wife and children.

So sad :). My condolences to his wife and children.

He loved motorcycles - all kinds, had many, many friends, and kicked butt on the single lines.We made many trips down to Deals Gap. In the spring of '91 we took XR600's down with us and spanked the sport bikes at the "Dragon", ("are them durt bikes?"). This last June he took the WR450 and loved every minute of it. The last time we road the single lines up here in Northern Michigan he told me it felt like his WR250 with horsepower.

Bikes were his hobby but his true passion was his family. He left three beautiful children and a lovely wife. They will miss Adam terrible but the extended family will be there for them.

Make sure to tell those close to you how you feel ----

Very sad news. Cool guy. We talked a few times. Seemed full of life. Godspeed Adam. :)


His passing saddens us all. Our love goes out to his family.

Cisco...thank you for posting his picture.

My family's prayers go out to him and his family. God bless.

I e-mailed his family today to let them know how sorry I was to hear of there loss. Here is a reply from Adams wife


Thank you for the note. I read all of the comments on Thumpertalk, adam was

always checking that site out.

My children and I are very sad, but we will be okay. Adam was really a great

man and I am glad to have spent the past 20 years with him.

Please tell the Thumpertalk members that I appreciate their comments.

Kim Wagar

At 39, he was way too young to go! I know what its like to lose a "brother", I lost my twin, will be 3 years in April. My twin also was 39. The worst part of it, he was the only other one who shared all the exact same interest as me, including dirt bikes. Its kinda lonely now. Good speed to Adam, and my condolences to his wife and kids. Nothing worse that losing a good hubby/dad and from the sounds of it, he was all of those!

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