Ride Engineering lowering link

Has anyone installed the Ride Engineering lowering link on their 2009 - 2011 450?

The reason I ask is because on the part I just received the step for the head of the bolt is on the wrong side of the linkage unless I install it with the Ride graphics upside down.

Also, did you happen to measure the length of this part versus the stock linkage.

Figures this happens on a weekend, I want to know if I received the wrong linkage.

thanks for any input

Sounds the same as mine from Suspension Direct-bolt goes through from right to left-shouldn't make any difference which way it's turned though. Also, my understanding is that Pro Circuit and Suspension Direct are 1.5 mm longer than stock and Ride's is a little longer than theirs for the YZ 450. I think Ride's drops the rear of the YZ 2-3mm farther than the others. Hope this helps.

Thanks for the input, hoping to hear from others who have installed the Ride link and if they had the same issue..

I have a buddy that runs the Ride link on his YZ 450 and it's the same as yours. Install it either way and enjoy. Also, try running your sag at 105-107 with that link, measured from the fender bolt to the axle. Then adjust fork height to your liking, from flush to 5 up.

If you need more assurance, Adrian at Ride Engineering is very friendly and helpful. Great attitude - cool products!

Yeah, I have an email in to him but it is the weekend. Just wanted to verify if it was the correct link before i finished installing it from people who had experience with it.

thanks for the feedback..

It's fine. Kouba Link and a few other companies have the same thing with their parts: either the bolt stop is on the side and/or the engraving is "upside" down on one side.

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