Just baught an 08 yz450f

Hey guys, thaught i'd tell all you fellow yamariders out there I just picked up an 08 yz450f. I recently purchased a yz426f, rebuilt it, and absolutely loved the power of the 426 over my 250f. The only problem was, it's a brick. So, after riding it and deciding I could ride a 425 no problem, I decided I was gonna sell both my bikes and buy a 450.

The only problem was, I fell in love with a 450 before i sold any of my bikes, so now I own 3.

This 450 couldn't have been a more perfect match for me as it already had the same graphics and fmf exhaust as my other two bikes. I picked it up today and rode it when I got it home. I love it. The power is amazing and it weighs next to hing compared to the 426. Here's some pics. Take a look at the pics. This thing was meant to be mine.

The new 08 yz450f




My 05 yz250f


My 2000 yz426f


Nice bikes. You must be "Super Pumped!" I also had a 426 and bought a 08 yz450. I just sold the 426 for $1700. The 08 450 is a great bike, a bit underpowered with the stock muffler but the suspension makes up it. WFO!

congrats!, if you want some extra power throw in a 06 CDI, they have mroe harder hitting power and such, but either way awsome bikes, congrats

Nice bikes. You must be "Super Pumped!" I also had a 426 and bought a 08 yz450. I just sold the 426 for $1700. The 08 450 is a great bike, a bit underpowered with the stock muffler but the suspension makes up it. WFO!

I am super pumped. I took it for a ride and it's popping on decel, so I'll have to do a little jetting. The bike has an fmf powerbomb header and titanium 4.1 pipe. I believe that brings it to life.

I need to order a skid plate and an asv brake lever. I'll be robbing the clutch perch and lever off my 426. It has the hotstart on it, so it should work. Other than that, I'm just gonna ride it. I can't wait to ride it at the track next weekend. I'll take video with my gopro.

the popping i get too, its fine, and if the bike dont have a aftermarket air filter on it, put one on, it should get rid of some of the popping.....

and i like the "hot start" thing but i literally dont know what the hot start does, my bike starts real well while its hot, no problems, i have never used the hot start lever, all i know is the cable goes to the carb, but either way, sweet deal!

i might also recommend some double core rads, these bikes run hot, and if your riding outside of track, where your not always going to be getting good air flow, then it might not be a bad idea to buy some, the ones i got are aircraft grade alluminum, double the cores, and 40% more flow, they are also hand made and welded, so they got quality there, they are 60 bucks a rad on ebay, used to be 225 a rad ha ha, not sure why they went down, maybe because alot bought some, they are from "cr racing"

well, I rejetted it and seems to run cooler and better. Before I jetted it, it was popping a lot and ran really warm. I know they run warm, but it was to hot. Running lean. I raised the needle and the main, now it's running cooler and doesn't pop. Still starts really good, even while hot with the hotstart. I've always had to use the hotstart to get my bikes to start the first kick while hot.

I also just put a new asv pro clutch perch on my 426 about a month ago and since it was for an 05 yz450f and had a hotstart, I took it off and put it on the 450. what do ya know, it fits and works fine. ordered an asv brake lever and a skid plate yesterday. As soon as that comes, I'll be good to go. I run no toil airfilters in all my yz-f's

If there is no popping, then it is to rich.

From my experiences with 250f's and 426's if you richen it one size past popping, then it runs perfect. This is what I have done with my 450. I rode at the track this past sunday and it handles and performed perfectly. The jetting is perfect.

Here's a couple pics. I just took the blue wheels off my 05 yz250f. I have my numbers coming this week.



Sweet bike, well bikes that is!

where are you in Pennsylvania?

I'm in Erie, Pennsylvania. I think it's the only place in pa where you have to drive an hr to get to a mx track.

How about you, where are you at?

I'm in Punxsutawney, PA. I'm more of a woods rider though so I don't go to mx tracks very often.

I like doing both...Woods one week, then track another. I feel it's made me a much better rider. That and I just love to ride. My buddy has a camp between Brookville and Punxsutawney.

Who's your buddy, if you don't mind me asking?

His name is Ron Galbreath, his family has owned the camp for years.

The name Galbreath sounds familiar but i don't know who he is. I know some guys with camps around here and i was curious if i knew your buddy.

I know his family was from down that way, so he still has a lot of family down there.

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